Move the Brightness slider to adjust the brightness level of your display.

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Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta! Unicorn Meta Zoo 7: Interview with Nicolas. Related 2. Hot Network Questions. Question feed. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. Universal binary While the application is not a universal binary, it should nevertheless work fine on the new Intel Macs using Rosetta. I still haven't tested it myself, but got positive reports with no Intel specific problems. Back to FAQ After rebooting monitor stays blank For some reason your monitor does not accept the installed frequency. To remove the installed settings, connect some other monitor to your machine and use the menu command "Uninstall for all monitors" to get rid of the faulty configuration.

For some configurations you can boot with the shift key pressed to ignore the new settings.

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Sometimes it helps to boot with the monitor switched off. Back to FAQ After changing the resolution my monitor goes blank Similar to after rebooting monitor stays blank. But given that some other resolutions do work, it should be worth retrying with lower frequencies use the resolution tables context menu or edit the frequency setting manually. To prevent this in general, disable any timings and resolutions in the resolutions tab that don't match your display. Back to FAQ The new resolution are not centered on my monitor, I can't see all of the image and there are black bars This is normal if you use new timings on a device.

Refresh Rate Definition

For certain Apple monitors you can use the systems "Displays" control panel. As most devices memorize this setting, this usually needs to be done only once per resolution. Only for devices where neither of these methods works no controls available , you would have to adjust the timing manually, see the Overscan section. Back to FAQ The resolution list does not contain some resolutions mentioned in the monitor manual The DDC information only has rudimentary information about the monitor's specifics. Therefore the generated frequencies and resolutions may not exactly match the monitor's specification.

However you usually get more and higher resolutions. Of course, if the manufacturer provides precise timings you can use those. After using the "Install" button and a reboot the resolution should be back. This way you also can introduce near arbitrary new resolutions. In the "Resolutions" tab, double click a resolution. Then change the type to "Manual" which allows you to change the refresh rate. The program will limit your changes to what it thinks is safe to use.

If in doubt, check with your monitor manual. Change the type to "Timing" and set the values to whatever you need. There are some implicit limits, which the program will automatically check and correct. If the "Enable" check mark is switched off, that means that the timing violates the specification you entered in the monitor tab.

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  4. Setting the Display Resolutions?
  5. Keep in mind that MacOSX will drop resolutions which are redundant, as in they have the same size and approximately the same refresh rate. Usually the default method works quite well. Sometimes you can get still better results by manually tweaking the timing, though. Reasons would be: Overall poor convergence and contrast: change the type to "Manual" and experiment with slower refresh rates.

    If that helps, your monitors electronics are not adequate for high speed timings, the cables have too strong dampening ferrite dampening decreases signal crispness or the graphic card has a low quality CLUT. Poor convergence on the left side: change the type to "Timing" and increase the horizontal back porch. Poor convergence on the right side: change the type to "Timing" and increase the horizontal front porch. Generally instable looses sync : change the type to "Manual" and decrease the refresh rate or change the type to "Timing" and increase the syncs.

    Back to FAQ Do high refresh rates ware out monitors faster? As long as you respect the specification of the monitor in particular the upper limit on the horizontal frequency using high frequencies should not affect the monitor. In general they die by age usually 7 - 12 years, high quality equipment may last longer mostly because the condensers degrade and some other parts vary over long periods of time.

    How to Set Custom Resolutions for External Displays in Mac OS X

    Which may affect the usable frequency range. I have seen a lot monitors aging and some dying. Using high frequencies never seemed to have any significant effect as long as the monitor specification is not violated. Basically yes. I don't have much experience with HDTV myself, but many people have tried and had success tweaking the timings for adequate display. Before you start you should have a look at after rebooting monitor stays blank in case you fool things up or the device does not understand the timing for whatever reason. See the timing list for the necessary details.

    There are dedicated timing types for p and p which will limit your changes to a timing to what complies with the limits for that type of device. The default should work on most HDTV devices. Vertical total lines, horizontal scan rate This is This one is very fast and was mentioned in early specification drafts. Hardly any device can handle it. Some tweaking is usually required to have the borders of the image match the TV tube.

    See the overscan section. Back to FAQ How to get rid of overscan?

    How to change resolution on an Apple iMac

    The following rules might help to reduce over scan some part of the image is not visible or under scan a black border around the image : Move to top: decrease vertical back porch and increase vertical front porch. Move to left: decrease horizontal back porch and decrease horizontal front porch. Move to bottom: increase vertical back porch and decrease vertical front porch. Move to right: increase horizontal back porch and decrease horizontal front porch. Make image less tall: increase both vertical porches and decrease vertical active by sum of these porch changes.