This is 's 2. Here's a saving on the 13in MacBook Pro with 2. KRCS has a discount on the model. This is the Space Grey configuration, but you can also get the Silver model here. That's the top of the range model for not much more than the entry-level 15in. The discount used to be bigger though, so maybe wait a couple of weeks. John Lewis is offering money off the MacBook Air with this deal. You can get money off the Gold or Silver model, the Space Grey edition is more expensive.

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But it is the cheapest Mac laptop you can get right now, and if you want a Mac laptop with a USB-A port, it's the only one. Although we would still suggest that you look at other options as this is a very old machine now. But as with the other Air deals, now that Apple's reduced pricing itself this deal's not as good as it was. You can get a Mac from Apple at much lower prices if you buy from the Refurbished Store. Apple will have thoroughly tested the model and will offer you a full warranty so it can be a great way to get a good deal.

Find out more about Refurbished Macs here. No matter what kind of MacBook you're looking for, we'd recommend starting off with a list of the features and specs that are important to you and how much you'd like to spend.

Don't be tricked into buying something you don't need because it seems like a good price, and be aware that some retailers have been known to be misleading about RRP to make a deal look better than it is. Always compare to the price on the Apple Store or, if it's an older model take a look at the Apple refurbished store where they sell reconditioned, discontinued stock with a full year's warranty to make sure you're getting good value.

Speaking of which, you also want to be careful of the age of any given MacBook as models from different years might have similar looking specs on paper especially the and MacBook Air whose specs are identical! For example, the processor speed can be misleading if you aren't sure what generation of processor is being used, so take care to double-check processor speeds and generation, and even model numbers to make sure you're not paying over the odds for a laptop from a few years ago.

Over 20 years of buying and selling used Macs.

Additionally, the Ice Lake-based Surface Laptop 3 should boast superior graphics power. We haven't had the chance to test the Core iG7 in a review system yet our preview test was with a Core iG7, but also with Iris Plus , so we'll have to wait to say for sure. While this comparison has focused thus far on the base models of the two machines, and on the inch Surface Laptop 3, it's worth noting that Microsoft's laptop scales up a good deal higher than the MacBook Air.

The displays on the Surface Laptop 3 and the MacBook Air may look different on paper, but they have more in common than their names may suggest. Seeing the words "PixelSense" and "Retina Display" is enough to make anyone's eyes glaze over with marketing-itis, but the reality is simpler. These are branded terms for each company's high-end screens, both of which are pixel-dense and high-resolution.

Microsoft's panel uses a highly unusual aspect ratio, which makes the 2,by-1,pixel resolution look unfamiliar, but it falls right within the same space as the 2,by-1,pixel Retina Display.

New MacBook Pro Leak Highlights MacOS Catalina's Mysterious Mac

Without having the two side by side, it's tough to claim one is better than the other. Both should satisfy the average shopper as well as the more discerning , as we praised the MacBook Air's screen in our review and the Surface Laptop's PixelSense displays have always impressed. That said, there is one huge difference: touch capability. Apple has still not budged a micron in terms of adding touch to its laptops—iOS and iPadOS are for touching, and macOS is for your mouse and trackpad.

Conversely, the Surface line, from the smallest to largest device, encourages you to touch, pan, and tap the screen. Some users insist they don't need or want touch to which I would say, try it! It's less vital on a traditional laptop than on a convertible 2-in-1 that has to be a full tablet, obviously, but it's useful nonetheless. If you're not tied to one OS or the other, the differences between the hardware are the difference maker.

As described above, there isn't a lot separating the Surface Laptop 3 and the MacBook Air physically. Both are thin, nice-looking laptops with modern features and sharp screens.

Macbook Pro - Best prices and deals for Apple's laptop for October 12222

That said, the Surface Laptop 3 almost certainly will be the faster option, while packing a lower starting price to boot. That alone could be its edge for many shoppers, since the machines are otherwise so similar. But if you are on the fence, we'd recommend the Surface Laptop 3 based on what we see here. It's newer, with some appealing features, and it should be markedly faster. Of course, you'll want to check back for a full review of the Surface Laptop 3 once it becomes available, in which we'll test our theories and analyze any surprises, positive or negative.

Who knows what could change our stance, once we get it on the bench? Microsoft Surface Pro X vs. Given his passion for video games, he reviews a significant portion of PCMag's gaming systems, as well as the occasional game. He also spends plenty of time on Twitter find him MJBuzzi , with which he has a complicated relationship.

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