Mac needed rehab, not downloads. Mac needed help, not praise.

Mac Miller - I Love Life, Thank You

I gave him my download, and I gave him my praise, but I felt guilty watching him self-destruct, and yet, being enamored by the flame he made. The last flame of life.

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  2. MAC MILLER DEAD: Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller dies at age 26 | WPXI.
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I'm not sure. It would be a bookmark of dark times instead of a cry for help that sadly foreshadowed a tragic future. Humans are attracted to pain, we understand the voice of struggle, and can appreciate how honest art can leave us the most impacted.

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Danny has always carried his problems with drugs and alcohol like a rock star, there was never any fear in his bleak world—he actually had a way of livening up the grim reality by smiling through the blood, the terror, the desolate home he had made into a brand. I always believed 50 could never become who he was again because his life had changed drastically, a point I think Mac has reached.

I fear how far artists will go to try and reclaim an old feeling since you can never truly go back. Some music can only be made in a rare moment when life reaches a point that simply can't be recreated. Sadly, I feel closer to the rags than the riches, to drunken genius than sober brilliance.

Pop and rap stars mourn Mac Miller: "Pittsburgh we lost a real one today" | News | WSAU

I want great art, I want it with a bit of blood, but I'll always place a strong heartbeat over a good song. A man of my generation; an artist we can proudly claim as ours.

Mac Miller's videos have become so visually captivating you could even watch them with the sound off. Nose to nose with his own death, Mac Miller still worked in joy. Mac Miller sold out tours, released five studio albums and a handful of EP's and mix-tapes.

He was a multi-instrumentalist playing percussion, guitar and keys and was also extremely passionate, not only about hip-hop music, but GO D music in general. On this special tribute you will be listening to incredibly dope music from the recently departed Mac Miller aka EZ Mac and featuring the supa-dope art of friends and family Anderson.

Mac Miller - Cold Feet (Track #07 I Love Life Thank you)

Mac Miller featuring Anderson. Paak - Dang! Mac Miller - S. After deciding to address this, The Morpheus Soul Show found a niche and made a positive impression on the radio scene with their mix of music and personable presenting style. Combined with the usual mix of competitions and gig guides it all added up to a potent but addictive mix, which when combined with their unique, unscripted humour meant there was never a dull moment. Share Podcast. Share this Share to:. Embed: Copy.

Download: Mac Miller – Macadelic (Mixtape)

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