Wildy said:. Jul 1, 3, 1, Vancouver Island. Jul 4, 4 0. It works as described. Many sites that deny access until you install the current version of Flash become usable, BUT sites that have installed the latest Flash to run on their servers, do NOT work, especially if they are using brand new features.

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Thanks for what you did make available! ChrisMan macrumors Nov 18, 1 NY. I would give this a try but Flash installer keeps failing on me. Thanks for testing guys! ChrisMan - Are you having problems getting the official Flash player on there in the first place? I was under the impression that the plugin was self-contained - so it might still work if you took the plugin in the archive and dropped it in the relevant folder.

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Are you having problems getting the official Flash player on there in the first place? Sep 19, 95 0. Tiff actually does support flash Google flash in ten four fox on Ppc and you have to go into plugin preferences and make it true. Oct 4, 3 El Salvador. I can't download it facebook is not using it yet, neither youtube, vimeo, hulu.

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Jan 1, 1, 42 Portugal. Hmm that is indeed very strange. I just gave it a try and that site is working fine for me. Nov 18, 98 0 Athens, Hellas. No problem - glad you found it useful.


The plugin was pulled from a Did you install it to the root Internet Plug-Ins folder in the one in your home directory? It's possible if you installed it in your home directory that it is conflicting with the one in root. PowerPCMacMan macrumors a.

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Jul 17, 0 PowerPC land. Same here.. The flash content simply won't open and play..

I am using Leopard WebKit - latest version.. Can some one recommend another browser so that I may view the flash content on that site?

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PowerPCMacMan said:. Yeah, tried out that same site also.. Yeah, just tried it on my Quad..

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Maybe it couldn't update the Pane with other users logged in. A restart likely will fix it.

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  8. The comments about now-operating but aging PPC systems is applicable not only to the Flash Player, but also to other products such as Skype and even Firefox, both of which induce you to "upgrade" only to find out that the system requirements aren't met Skype told me after it had installed the new version, after which I had to find the old version and re-install. Downloaded the update for Flash yesterday - today, can't view most things that require Flash. Tried to download again.

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    Still, no viewing possible. Share Facebook Twitter Reddit. Email Address. John Baxter.

    fixed : get newest version of Flash on PowerPC Mac

    Dennis B. I have to second Ward's comment. No updates for my 3 PPC machines. Adam Engst. The restart today did it, thanks guys! Curtis Wilcox. Lindsley Williams.