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Discover more templates. Users are easily spotted at parties by the telltale polystyrene cups filled with plum-coloured syrup, topped up with soft drink and flavoured with the sweets. The effects include slow or slurred speech, drowsiness, loss of balance and drained, pale-looking skin. Users have also complained of memory problems after taking the drink. I give them every piece of advice I can. Most people I sell to have had it off me before, so they know the craic with it. Rapper Future, who has collaborated with Rihanna, Kanye West and Drake, is seen drinking from a polystyrene cup in the video for the track Codeine Crazy.

His mixtape Dirty Sprite — another name for lean — sold a million copies.

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Despite the horror stories, purple drank is still finding new fans in the UK. Everything around you is just chilled. You feel all floaty and spaced out.

Mac Miller- My Team (Lyrics On Screen)

All our group have done it. A lot of people see it on Instagram.


Lewis likes to drink lean with student friend James after a night of partying, taking MDMA or ecstasy, at all-night raves. I like to be sat down and comfy. But they claim their habit is tame compared to that of friends who recently had to cancel a holiday after overspending on lean. He is also risking his freedom — supplying codeine is punishable by up to 14 years in prison.

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One page, Plugshxtttttt, had more than 3, followers before it was shut down by web administrators. Sign in. All Football.

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