There are also five different color themes to choose from. If the widget is getting too crowded you can show different instances of it. The iStocks Widget displays quotes and historical charts for international stocks, indices and currencies. Acceptable but Lacking Stock Widget. As a starter app for people new to monitoring their stock holdings, iStocks is quick and easy, bot h to set up and to glance at for an instant sense of the ups and downs of the market--and your investments.

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Where iStocks falls quite short is in the ability to organize your stocks once you've added them to the Widget. You can choose to sort by performance, but the only way to customize the organization is to remove the stocks you'd like to group together and then re-add them in the desired order.

Further, while changing the background color might be fun and pleasing, it would be more helpful to be able to color-code the stock listings themselves--i. Easy to set up and grasp at a glance. Nominal customization options discourage long lists of stocks More. What do you think about iStocks Widget?

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Do you recommend it? The iStocks widget lets you view all your stocks straight from your Dashboard.

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Similar to View full description. Google provides live market condition updates from their Finance. Com site with real time adjustments to stock price and market conditions changing without page refreshes. If all has worked correctly, you should see the widget now on your desktop.

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Follow these steps again to put the widget back into Dashboard. You can also keep up to date on your iPhone through use of the Online Trading Academy app.

Financial Widget: To create your own Google Finance Widget: Open Safari and navigate to http: Adjust the size of the widget to include all the information.