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Now then go to turn on your bluetooth the first time it might assign a random address but just turn it off then back on and it should be the address you specified in the file. Tags: None. I have never tried it myself. Comment Post Cancel. Well that's awesome. I'm a little curious to see if it works, but i think my solution is a little more portable lol.

Plus you can just make an init. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users. It only takes a minute to sign up. I'm working with Raspberry Pi Zeros on a subnet. I bought external Ethernet adapters for each one to connect them to one another.

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Unfortunately, these ethernet adapters all came with the exact same MAC addresses, making communication between the Pis near impossible. Ultimately, I used the following code:. Unfortunately, after restarting all of my Pi Zeros, none of the MAC addresses updated to the new assigned values. When I check with ifconfig they all had remained the same original values. What am I doing wrong?

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Specifically, it matches the lo loopback device as well. After networkd has changed the MAC address of the first device it matched which is probably lo due to having the lowest ifindex , it cannot use the same MAC on any other interface — the kernel refuses this kind of duplicate operation.

So your new MAC address cannot be put on eth0 because it is occupied by lo. To prevent this assuming this is actually the problem , add additional matches — for example, match by Driver or OriginalName. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Instead, I've found the dnsjava library to be extremely helpful to send targeted DNS requests. Here is some sample code using the library:. When a device connects to your router it receives an IP i. Of cource, you can name any computer with the same approach and trick the check, resulting in false positives Also, I can't ensure that all device suppliers are following the same approach, but I've found it to work correctly in a few devices from different brands including different SDK levels that I've tested.

It depends on where you would be running the code to discovery the android devices.

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Assuming that you would be running the code in a Android device:. I'm using isReachable method to generate the ICMP request, which is being said in many posts that only works with rooted devices, which is the case for the device used for testing it. However, I didn't give root permissions for the application running this code, so I believe it couldn't set the SIUD bit, which is the reason why some clain this method fails.

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  • I would like to here from someone testing it on a non-rooted device. Android 4. At first I hoped it might be able to be scanned in the the way your thinking, but it helps Android devices communicate without an access point, so they're not really "on your network". Besides, ICS runs on only a fraction of Android devices. Rather than an active netscan approach, you're left with a passive monitoring approach. If your network is secure, sniffing the encrypted packet is possible, but inconvenient.

    You'll have to. If you want to see this in action, Wireshark supports WPA decryption. Once you're able to view the Wi-Fi traffic, you will notice Android devices tend to communicate with certain Google servers and their HTTP connections have User Agent strings that can be identified.

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    This is the basis for a workable passive solution. Tenable Network Security offer products that seem to take this type of approach. Michelle Cannon mentioned Libelium's Meshlium Xtreme whose approach will not get you all the way there not without good up to date MAC address range tables.

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    But it could be part of reaching a lesser goal. You can:. I wasn't sure at first but I have to thank him for suggesting what's looking like the best bet for simple passive scanning. As a cautionary tail, I'd like to explain why I was late to the party. In a lot of ways, it's good that Android uses the Linux kernel. But it's not good if you want to discover Android devices on your network. But then I realized Linux has a lot of build configuration parameters so there could be something distinctive about Android when seen on a network, but what?

    For this to work you generally need an up to date fingerprint database to match against. At first it looked like fingerbank was crowed sourcing this data, but then I noticed their files hadn't been updated for almost a year. With all the different Android device types, I don't think it's practical to keep updated fingerprints for a single project. Android has a strong preference for using software licensed with the BSD style where possible and dhcpcd uses a BSD license. It would seem dhcpvendorcode could be used as a strong indicator that a mobile device is running Android.

    It gets around this problem by using UDP broadcasts for the initial exchange. So you can just listen on UDP port 67 for client to server traffic and 68 for the reverse.

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    You don't even need to put your network interface into promiscuous mode. You can easily monitor this traffic using a protocol analyzer like Wireshark. I preferred to write code to monitor the traffic and decided to use Python. I selected pydhcplib to handle the details of DHCP. My experience with this library was not smooth.

    I needed to manually download and place IN. And their packet to string conversion was leaving the dhcpvendorcode blank. This code is based on pydhcplib's server example because it listens for client requests, like a server. When my Nexus 7 Android 4. The host name seems to have a fixed format and is easily parsed. If you need the IP address you can monitor the server to client traffic.

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    Note: only the initial exchange, when an new client first shows up without an IP address, is broadcast. Future lease extensions, etc.

    Luis posted a great solution that demonstrates how simpler is better. You could check if the device is still present by pinging it. There are apps to change host name , but they require root so that's, at most, an edge case. Finally there's an open Android Issue Allow a hostname to be specified that currently has stars. If you're doing live tracking, another potential problem with Reverse DNS Lookup is you have to decide how frequently to scan.

    Of course this is not an issue if you're just taking a one-time snapshot.

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    Frequent scanning consumes network resources, infrequent leaves you with stale data. Here's how adding DHCP monitoring can help:. I am not quite clear about your requirements, if you want something similar i. No, the scan is performed silently, Meshlium just detects the "beacon frames" originated by the Wifi and Bluetooth radios integrated in the Smartphones. Users just need to have at least one of the two wireless interfaces turned on.

    Long time ago I use to use an app called stumbler on my mac to find wifi networks, I think this is similar. Well if I need to determine android phones on a local network how would I do it.